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If the furnace in your Illinois home is starting to have a hard time maintaining the temperature you prefer, pay close attention to it. There are many relatively small issues that can be resolved by Furnace Repair. In many cases, repairs will extend the lifespan of a furnace and save the need for replace it for a while. Call Keefe HVAC if you’re noticing any of the following signs:

-Short cycling. If your furnace keeps shutting off and on, it’s usually because there’s something within the system causing it to stop too soon before it completes a heating cycle. The tricky part is that short cycling could indicate a variety of things: it could mean that the fan motor is failing or it may simply mean the heat sensor is dirty and needs cleaning. Our technicians can identify the cause of the short-cycling and make the necessary Furnace Repair Woodridge IL.

-Burner flame is the wrong color. Examine the color of the pilot light flame the
next time that you open your natural gas furnace. (Some units models have a small window to permit you to monitor the flame without the need to open the service door.)

If the flame looks yellow, a dirty burner is a typical cause. The yellowish color indicates the gas is not completely burning off. That means the furnace is not heating to its full potential and carbon monoxide it produces may not be properly venting. Make sure to check the carbon monoxide levels in your home by installing a detector and test it regularly.

Furnace Repair Woodridge IL
-Rust in the flue. Another potential warning sign that carbon monoxide is not properly venting is when you see rust forming in the flue. If a leak from plumbing pipes or the roof is causing corrosion and rust on your flue lines, it’s far more than just unsightly. A gas furnace can produce hazardous amounts of carbon monoxide, which is why they depend upon a functioning flue to properly vent the gas.

-Signs of moisture accumulation. If you see that some rooms in your house have moisture on the windows, walls or ceilings, that could be an indication that there isn’t proper airflow in your home. Damp or stagnant air is a sign that there might be a problem with the furnace or in the vents.

Pay close attention to any condensation you notice since it could be a possible indicator of a furnace repair Woodridge IL problem.

-Utility bills escalating. There are a host of different factors that can cause residential utility bills to suddenly rise. Naturally, excessively cold temperatures are going to make a furnace work harder. A furnace that’s straining to provide adequate heating even in relatively moderate temperatures, though, could have problems that need Furnace Repair. The first step is to take a look at the furnace filter. A clogged filter can block your furnace’s proper airflow and make it labor overtime just make even a minor difference to the temperature. As a result, that’s tough on the furnace and will have an impact on utility expenses. Schedule Repair in the event your heating costs are suddenly rising.

-Leaks. It’s a sure sign of a furnace problem if you spot water puddling around its base. But what a lot of homeowners might not understand is water is simply a byproduct of a furnace at work. First, identify where the water leak is coming from. If the water appears to be coming directly from the furnace or if it’s leaking during heating cycles, then there’s a potentially major issue and it’s time to call Keefe HVAC for professional Furnace Repair.