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Just like a heating problem that happens in the middle of winter, air conditioning breakdowns always seem to happen on the hottest days of the summer. Often, it’s during a muggy day that a faulty or aging cooling system get pushed well beyond its realistic capabilities. Without question, an air conditioner in proper working order is important to the health and comfort of your household. The risk of service disruption is easily addressed with regular maintenance services. A maintenance appointment gives our technicians the opportunity to identify any small problems early on and complete AC Repair Naperville before they turn into bigger problems.

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Is your AC consistently running and not cooling down your home?  AC Repair Naperville – Keefe HVAC – 708-546-0385

Is your air conditioner consistently producing cool air? Nobody invests in an AC unit so it can do a mediocre job. It has a specific task to do, which is to keep your household comfortably cool during the muggy, hot summer season. During those months, you require an air conditioner to run properly without interruptions. However, if it stops putting out refreshingly cool air and warm air comes out instead, call Keefe HVAC for assistance.

-The unit’s thermostat is not properly functioning. The thermostat is basically the central command of your residential air conditioning system. Its purpose is to communicates with the air conditioner, “telling” it the amount of cool air it should produce. Also, it monitors the unit to ensure that it is performing sufficiently. If an air conditioner runs for brief periods prior to turning off, or it doesn’t turn on at all, this can be a sign that the thermostat is not correctly evaluating if the system is working or not. In the event you’re experiencing this, you’ll want an experienced AC Repair Naperville service technician to examine the unit due to the electrical components that are involved.