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A steam boiler is manufactured to provide dependable heating in your home or commercial site throughout the cold months of winter. Utilizing a hot water- based system, boilers emit radiant heat. The hot water heats an object – like a baseboard in a room or a radiator – and then redirects the cooled water to the boiler for reheating. Steam or gas boilers are usually more complex than, for instance, forced air furnaces. When it comes to Boiler Repair Naperville it’s recommended that you call an experienced contractor like Keefe HVAC.

Boiler Repair Naperville

Like other major heating appliances, maintenance is essential for getting the best performance and longest service life from a boiler – Boiler Repair Naperville

Eventually, however, heating system components will need service. The average steam or gas boiler will last for approximately 15 years. Keefe HVAC’s technicians can help you assess if your residential needs maintenance or more extensive repairs. Call 708-546-0385 if you notice:

-Lack of heating. There can be a few various reasons why your steam or gas boiler isn’t providing enough heating for your living spaces. Among the more common are an accumulation of mineral deposits or that the water levels in the boiler are too low. It’s fairly easy to correct low water levels: just manually refill the boiler by opening the water feed valve. In the event you suspect that there are mineral deposits in the unit, call a Boiler Repair Naperville professional from Keefe HVAC for service.

-Loud, unusual noises. If your steam or gas boiler is getting so noisy that it’s keeping you awake at night then it’s time to have our service technicians come out to inspect it. Banging, whistling or other strange sound can indicate there’s an issue and it is better to be on the safe side. While gas boilers are typically reliable, when problems do develop it could be a range of issues such as a faulty circulator pump or water trapped in the lines.