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Furnace Repair Bolingbrook IL

Furnace Repair Bolingbrook IL

The last thing homeowners want is to suddenly be without heating in the middle of winter. If it does happen, you might experience major anxiety over the possible cost of restoring your furnace and whether another breakdown might occur. Don’t worry! Keefe HVAC provides affordable Furnace Repair Bolingbrook IL that will restore dependable heating for your household.

Here are a few common problems that can happen with furnaces – contact 708-546-0385 for Furnace Repair Bolingbrook IL if you’re experiencing either of these:

-The furnace will not turn on. The first step in this situation is to check if your thermostat is on. In the event it doesn’t turn on, try replacing the batteries.

If the thermostat is on and working normally, confirm that your furnace is plugged in and the access panel is shut. If so, look if the furnace tripped a circuit breaker. If the breaker is off, turn it on. And if it’s stuck in between on and off, switch it to off and then on again. If it remains on, the furnace should be able to run. However, if the break trips again, there may be an issue that requires Furnace Repair Bolingbrook IL.

-The blower doesn’t shut off. When your thermostat setting is on auto (rather than on), your furnace should switch off after your home attains the temperature you prefer. If the blower fan keeps continuously running, the limit control switch might be faulty. An essential part of safety control, the switch detects the air temperature and will shut your furnace down if it overheats. Call Keefe HVAC for Furnace Repair Bolingbrook IL to replace this part.

Before the winter weather takes hold across the Chicagoland region, it’s wise for homeowners to schedule professional furnace maintenance to be sure their heating systems remain in good order and to prevent it break downs from happening.

A furnace inspection will extend the lifespan of the unit while conserving energy and decreasing health risks. Furnace manufacturers generally advise that all components of a heating system receive and inspection and service once yearly at a minimum.

Similar to engine tune-ups and oil changes for a car, an annual maintenance check is a critical part of furnace care. You will prolong the life of the unit and help avoid major problems that could lead to loss of heating in the middle of winter. In fact, failure to schedule necessary maintenance is among of the top causes of furnace breakdowns.

Because the fall tends to be a busy time of the year in the HVAC industry, it’s a smart to schedule a maintenance appointment for your furnace in late summer.

Why It’s Important to Get Your Furnace Cleaned

There is a high percentage of “no heat” service calls that occur during the winter that can be attributed to simple lack of consistent maintenance. If left with service for too long, a furnace can suddenly cease working and leave your household in the cold.

In addition, a neglected heating system can be a health risk. A maintenance check or Furnace Repair Bolingbrook IL allows technicians to detect any carbon monoxide leaking. Carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless gas, can lead to dizziness, headaches nausea, and even fatalities. In particularly hazardous situations, a furnace in despair might be red-tagged, which means it cannot be activated until fully repaired.

If you’re not certain that your furnace is performing at optimal efficiency, contact Keefe HVAC today to schedule an inspection. Neglecting proper care of a heating system, regardless of whether it is electric or gas, can cause it to operate less effectively and work harder to provide the heat necessary to keep your home comfortable. The consequence can predictably be an increase in heating costs.