Air Conditioning Maintenance

Whether your air conditioner is fairly new or was installed many years ago and it still provides reliable cooling, it’s smart to schedule an inspection and maintenance regularly by Keefe HVAC.
Air Conditioning Maintenance

Provides reliable indoor air quality

A technician that is familiar with the cooling system in your home or business can remove dirt particles and other debris that collects over time within the unit. If too much debris accumulates it will inevitably make its way to the duct system and then spread through your home. Once that occurs and if it goes on too long, duct cleaning may be necessary.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a preferred, leading provider of efficient, reliable indoor comfort, indoor air quality and related systems and services in all the locations that we serve.

Our Customers

Our customers know that they can depend our experienced heating and cooling professional technicians to use best practices and quality parts to attain good results that will last.

Well-maintained AC units are more energy efficient. A part of maintenance service typically includes cleaning the cooling coils, blades and other major components of the unit. Clean coils are able to sustain cooler temperatures at better energy savings than dirty, clogged coils that don’t receive maintenance at least once yearly. Lower your cooling and stay comfortable when temperatures climb!

Ensures dependable comfort. Technicians from Keefe HVAC closely inspect all the components of your air conditioner during preventative maintenance. Any problems or irregularities can be addressed to avoid a service breakdown. With your cooling system functioning smoothly, your household will enjoy uninterrupted cooling even during the hottest days of summer.

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Consistent upkeep means fewer repairs and service appointments. Routine maintenance of an air conditioner unit might seem like an inconvenience at times, but there’s no doubt it’s an appointment worth making. Comparable to taking your car in for a tune up, maintenance allows our cooling system technicians to make sure your unit remains in top condition. Any worn or broken parts can be replaced before they deteriorate more or cause problems for other components.

Some prevention now will save money and hassle over the long run.

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