Heating Installation and Repair

Because it’s one of the most critical parts of your home’s comfort system, your depend on your furnace to keep your loved ones warm all winter and to avoid seasonal problems such as burst plumbing pipes.
Heating Installation and Repair

since your furnace can be inactive for a good part of the year, problems with it can develop without your even realizing it.

When something is not right with you’re the heating system at your home or business, it’s important to call Keefe HVAC for repairs promptly. Our experienced service techs can identify the cause of the heating problems and either make repairs or install a new furnace. Call 708-546-0385 if you’re noticing:

-Abnormal odors coming from your furnace. A furnace can emit an odor that’s similar to the fuel it uses, particularly when it turns on after being off for a while. The odor should dissipate, though, soon afterwards. But if you detect a strong odor of fuel around the furnace or an odor that doesn’t dissipate after a few minutes, you could have a heating problem.

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Our vision is to be a preferred, leading provider of efficient, reliable indoor comfort, indoor air quality and related systems and services in all the locations that we serve.

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Our customers know that they can depend our experienced heating and cooling professional technicians to use best practices and quality parts to attain good results that will last.

-Furnace has trouble starting. When furnace nears the final stages of its service life, it may more difficulty turning on and maintaining the comfort level you prefer. If you need to try several times to get your furnace running or it restarts often during the day, give Keefe HVAC a call for assistance.

-Pilot light wrong color. Pay careful attention to the color of the furnace’s pilot light, which should appear blue. Any other color, particularly yellow, indicates faulty ventilation. A change in color can occur when gases such as carbon monoxide are not dissipating correctly. This can increase the risk of health problems for your household.

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-Insufficient heating. The clearest warning sign that a furnace immediately needs repair. If your furnace is not producing any heat or just a minimal amount of heat regardless of the setting on your thermostat, call Keefe HVAC. Ductwork leaks are a common cause of inadequate heating because it allows warm air to steadily escape.

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