Air Duct Work

Schedule service by Keefe HVAC for air duct work if you’re seeing any of the following signs in your home or business
Air Duct Work

Dirty air vents

If there is dirt and dust around the vents in your home, this probably indicates filtration problems in your duct system. When conditioned cool or warm flows, it can leave behind dust, pet fur, dirt particles and even insects. The buildup develops steadily over time.

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Noises coming from the ductwork. You’re probably used to the usual level of sound your heating and cooling system makes. However, if it’s making unusually loud noises or vibration, it’s likely a sign that your system is working harder to maintain the settings on your thermostat.

Weak or no airflow. Insufficient sealing, tears or cracks on ductwork can allow air leaks. As a result, there’s less cool or warm to flow from the vents. A lack of air even when your air conditioner or furnace is running usually indicates it’s time for repair.

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Respiratory or allergy symptoms. Contamination and leaks in ducts may lead to unpleasant health problems that range from persistent coughing to difficulty breathing as dust, pollen and other small particles float in the air.

Some areas in your home are cooler or warmer than others. Problems with air duct integrity can cause temperature differences among various rooms in the house. The cause may be a torn duct or an obstruction that is preventing proper air circulation.

Dusty indoor air. This is a clear sign of a possible duct system problem. There might be dust accumulating on surfaces throughout your home regardless of how frequently you clean. If there are leaks and gaps in ductwork, debris might be coming in from outside. Contaminants might trigger sneezing, itchy eyes and be especially problematic for anyone in your household who has allergies or asthma.

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