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When a furnace stops producing heat it is more than a just a minor hassle. Wearing your winter coat indoors and just dealing with the cold is not a realistic solution. That’s why it’s important to have a local HVAC Contractor Naperville you can count on for quick and effective repairs when furnace isn’t doing its job.

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Before cold winter evenings set in, remember to set an appointment for annual maintenance for your home’s furnace. Neglect is a top cause of why furnaces stop working. Just as your car needs service to remain in good condition, furnaces do too. When you need routine maintenance or repairs, the technicians at Keefe HVAC are ready to keep your furnace in peak shape.

One of the typical problems that can occur with a furnace is disrepair is short cycling. If your furnace keeps going on and off without adequately heating your home, it can indicate the filter is too clogged or a problem with the thermostat.

HVAC Contractor Naperville

Check your filters and thermostat settings and, if the short cycling persists, call your HVAC Contractor Naperville for service.

-You’re hearing unusually loud noises coming from your furnace. Rattling, squeaks or squealing sounds are not normal. There could be a clogged burner or a mechanical issues that needs to be resolved. A trained HVAC Contractor Naperville can help pinpoint the source of this common warning sign and recommend the best plan of action.

Knowing When to Repair Versus Replacing Your Furnace. Furnaces will eventually wear down and simply stop working even when they receive maintenance (which is very important to get the most service life.) There are a few factors to take into account when weighing repairs or replacement. If troubleshooting the problems hasn’t solved the problems with your furnace, our heating system technicians can help. We’ll perform a thorough inspection of the furnace and go over your best options with you.