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When it comes to maintaining a home heating system, it’s critical to act soon if you notice any signs of a problem with your furnace. Contact Keefe HVAC if you notice one or more of the following:

-A drastic increase in heating bills. Furnaces do their job by consuming fuel, such as propane or heating oil. Ideally, all of the energy a furnace consumes should go toward producing heat. However, the percentage is under 100 percent, even with the most efficient New Furnace Bolingbrook IL.

In general, the older a furnace gets, it becomes less and less energy efficient. This decline in efficiency is due to a couple factors. First, the design of some older models is often not as efficient as that of many New Furnace Bolingbrook IL options. Secondly, daily use and wear on their components cause furnaces to consume more energy to produce heat consistently.

The AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) is a measure of a furnace’s effectiveness and efficiency. An AFUE rating compares the overall heat a furnace produces to the amount of energy it consumes. The higher the rating, the better the efficiency.

One of the common indications that a furnace is declining in efficiency is an abrupt, noticeable increase in energy bills. If you’re heating your home at the same temperature as you have in the past and the weather hasn’t been particularly cold, yet you still feel chilly, it is a helpful idea to schedule a furnace inspection. The problem might be minor and repairable, like replacing the filter to so the furnace runs more smoothly. On the other hand, more advanced repairs might be necessary or the better option might be to get a New Furnace Bolingbrook IL.

New Furnace Bolingbrook IL

If the furnace is over 15 years old, you are probably well-advised to replace it with a highly efficient new model. You’ll save costs in the long term on repairs and heating bills, New Furnace Bolingbrook IL

-Your furnace looks different. Upon its installation, your furnace probably looked new and shiny. But over the year that look has likely faded. While it is normal for appliances to begin to show some wear eventually, those signs can also indicate when it’s time for new equipment. Some changes to watch out for include:

-Rust. A furnace can show rust on metallic areas that are exposed to combustion gas. As time passes, rust can become an issue because it can weaken the furnace’s structure. Cracks can form on rusted areas, which increase the risk of leaks and more problems. If your furnace looks rusty, the best decision is probably to replace it.

-Soot streaks. Soot can form as a result of insufficient combustion that can mean your furnace is emitting high levels of carbon monoxide. Clean the unit and then call Keefe HVAC to schedule a furnace inspection. Your service technician might advise replacement with a New Furnace Bolingbrook IL depending upon the installation date and general condition of the furnace.

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