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Most residential furnaces have an average lifespan of approximately 20 to 25 years. But that doesn’t mean that you should wait that long to consider investing in a New Furnace.  After about the 15 year mark or so, you’ll want to start planning for a furnace replacement particularly if your current unit has been showing signs of declining performance and requiring more frequent repairs.

Regular upkeep, such as changing the filters and burners, by our service techs can help to prolong the service life of your furnace. That’s why it’s smart to contact Keefe HVAC to perform yearly inspections and tune-ups before each winter season.

Naturally, you shouldn’t wait until your residential furnace stops working until you replace it with a New Furnace. This is an avoidable situation that could occur in the middle of the winter season, which would leave you without heat at the worst possible time. That’s why it’s so important to closely monitor how your furnace is functioning both in terms of cost and efficiency.

New Furnace Darien IL

Here is a brief rundown of some common indications that it may be the right time to call Keefe HVAC to install a New Furnace Darien IL:

-Your furnace requires regular repairs that are becoming more expensive.
-Your furnace starts to make loud, strange noises like rattling, banging or buzzing.
-The furnace puts out dust, rust or soot, particularly near the register.
-There are cracks developing on the heat exchanger.
-The furnace begins turning off and on frequently.
-Even though you aren’t using the furnace more often, your heating expenses are rising.
-Your home is heating inconsistently with some areas warmer or colder than others.
-There are signs of corrosion and rust on the furnace.

Some of these signs might only mean that maintenance or repairs are needed. However, if they start to occur more often and you’ve had your furnace for many years, they can be indicators that it’s time to get a New Furnace. A heating system technician from Keefe HVAC will be able to assess if replacement is the best choice.

Not all residential furnaces are similar. They are differentiated according to the fuel they consume to generate warm air and some are a better fit for use in colder environments than other models. Examples of different furnaces include:

-Natural gas. This is typically the most common type of furnace in homes today. Able to heat a home dependably even in the coldest of winters, they’re efficient and function on an inexpensive fuel.

-Electric furnaces. These furnaces are usually the least expensive to buy and install yet can sometimes be the most expensive to run. In addition, while they’re relatively easy to maintain, electric furnaces can take a while to warm up a room.

-Propane furnaces. A gaseous byproduct from oil production, propane can be utilized to power a residential furnace, especially in places where other types of fuels are too costly or too scarce. The size of a propane furnace can also be relatively small, making them a potential fit for some rural, compact homes. It’s possible to convert a natural gas furnace to run on propane with an inexpensive conversion kit when necessary.

-Mini-split systems. This type of unit is a combination of heating and cooling in a single appliance. A mini-split system can be directly attached to walls and doesn’t need ductwork, which means they’re a good choice for a smaller home and new additions. They can vary a lot in price based on power and size.

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