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Is your home comfortable and warm all winter long? Does your furnace provide warm air consistently without any problems? If you’re experiencing any issues with your home heating system, it’s critical to act fast before they develop into something worse.

Schedule an inspection to assess if you’re ready for a New Furnace Lisle IL by Keefe HVAC if you observe signs like:

-Cracks. It’s not unusual for cracks to begin forming in a furnace as a consequence of extensive rusting or on account of an issue with the heat exchanger. Any sort of crack – even if it’s fairly small – should be a reason for concern. If you detect any cracks on your furnace, our experienced heating technicians can assess your furnace and recommend your most cost-effective options.

-You’re experiencing increasing humidity. It is not only the temperature that can affect the comfort level in your home. The amount of moisture – also known as humidity – is a factor, too. When a home’s indoor air is very humid, it can create an environment where mold can start to form and, in turn, contribute to allergies and respiratory problems. Higher humidity levels also can cause the walls and structure of a home to rot and lead to the formation of unsightly stains on the ceilings and walls. Insects and pests are drawn to moisture and are prone to infest homes with high humidity.

Humidity levels which are too low can be a reason for concern as well. Dry air can cause skin irritations and make it feel itchy and flaky. Furthermore, dry air affects the nasal passages and can potentially cause respiratory issues or even trouble breathing. If the humidity in your home gets too low, you’re more likely to experience shocks due to static electricity.

New Furnace Lisle IL

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New Furnace Lisle IL are frequently better designed to manage humidity concerns in comparison to older models. In the event your home is too dry in the cold months, your furnace may be playing a major role in the quality of your indoor air. Installing a New Furnace Lisle can help resolve your humidity problems.

-Your home is heating unevenly. Ideally, the furnace in your home should heat each living space evenly. However, as it gets older, it may have increasing difficulty directing the same amount of heated air to each part of the home. That can be especially true if you own a multiple-story home or if there are some rooms that are farther away from your furnace than others.

But age isn’t the only reason that might cause inconsistent heating. If the system is too small or too large for the size of a home, then it will have difficulty providing consistent heating. A furnace that is too large, for instance, might start cycling off and on frequently, which limits its ability to deliver warm air to each room. A furnace that is too small might need to work too hard and then overheating some rooms while others remain too cold.

Uneven heating in a home is not always on account of the size or condition of the furnace. That’s why it is a smart idea to have our trained and experienced heating technicians evaluate your furnace. It could be that it simply requires a new air filter or that vents in one or more of the rooms is shut or has an obstruction. After assessing the unit and other components of your home heating system, our techs can help determine if repair or installing a New Furnace Lisle is the best choice.